Myrtle Beach Mini Golf Courses

myrtle beach mini golf courses

You’ll find Myrtle Beach Mini Golf courses of every shape, theme and even color.

While Myrtle Beach may be “The Golf Capital of The World”, it may also lay claim as “The Mini Golf Capital of The World”. With over 20 mini golf courses from Pawleys Island, up to North Myrtle Beach, finding a mini golf course is easy.

One of the most popular Myrtle Beach Mini Golf courses is Mt. Atlanticus, located in downtown Myrtle Beach on Kings Highway, the huge Mt. Atlanticus volcano is visible from miles away.

North Myrtle Beach is home to Hawaiian Rumble Mini Golf course, home to the “Masters” US ProMiniGolf Championship. Hawaiian Rumble Mini Golf is rated the #1 Mini-Golf course in American by Golf Magazine and Travel Channel.